Raven – $750

The Raven is a parallel port interface for either JTAG or BDM debugging.
CPU Description Part # Purchase
AMCC (formerly IBM) PowerPC 405, 440EP, 440GP, 440GX, 460EX, 460GT, 16 pin COP header R-AMCC
ARM ARM7, 9, and 11-based processors, 14 and 20 JTAG headers R-ARM-14 or -20 14-pin

Freescale COP All 603E, 7xx, 82xx, and 85xx processor families, 16 pin COP header R-COP
MIPS-based Alchemy, AMD, Broadcom, Cavium, MIPS 32/64, 14 pin EJTAG header R-MIPS
Freescale OnCE and Tensilica processors Freescale DSP 56xxx processor families and Tensilica processors and AMD AM32 R-ONCE
Intel Xscale Xscale processor family, 20 pin JTAG header R-XS