Macraigor Systems' WifiDemon™ provides the embedded systems developer with the most advanced and intelligent target available for target on-chip debugging. The WifiDemon™ supports the widest range of target chips on the market as well as the Macraigor Systems' API, a software interface used by most of the popular host debuggers. It can be used as either:
- As a replacement for an mpDemon. Providing the same host to target functionality, using the same host software configuration settings but supporting both WIFI and Ethernet  connections.
- As a Linux based software development environment. A local user can connect to the WifiDemon's VGA and USB keyboard/mouse ports or a remote host can open a VNC (virtual network computer) window into the WifiDemon’s desktop. From there the pre-installed Eclipse Indigo IDE, gnu tool kits (ARM, Coldfire2, MIPS. PowerPC, x86), and JTAG connection can be used to build and debug software images residing either on the WifiDemon’s 40 gigabyte solid state disk drive or on host’s disk file system via NFS.
The WifiDemon's COM1 RS232, 2 USB2 ports and 5/12 volt power outputs can be used to remotely communicate with and control your target system.

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